Each stage manager MUST know how to read music. Reading and knowing Italian is helpful, but not necessary. This intern position requires the intern to stage-manage the opera to which they are assigned and work crew as needed on the other two operas. Each intern will be present for all rehearsals and performances of their operas and is also in charge of breaks during rehearsal periods. Each stage manager is responsible for taking blocking and notes during all rehearsals and must report back to the production crew after every rehearsal. Once in production, each show will tour to different venues. It is the responsibility of the stage manager to make sure all props and stage pieces are loaded onto the truck/bus before it leaves for the venue. Each stage manager will travel with their cast when going to their venues. Crew duties for the other operas may include but are not limited to: prop handoffs, scene shifts, or singer cues.

Applicants for this position must be flexible and patient as schedules can change at a moment's notice, also be a team player and be willing to help out whenever possible with extra work in the scene shop, props, or lighting or costumes may need.

Please complete and submit the following application.

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