We are seeking costume technicians to be responsible for executing costume fittings, alterations, wardrobe supervisory role and all other duties as assigned for our season. Must multitask well with limited resources, be a self-starter and independent thinker.

In general:

  • This is a professional company and operates as such. We have professional and college-level performers, world-renowned conductors and directors. We maintain a level of professionalism in all that we do.
  • Our company operates in English (includes the rehearsals, so you need not be fluent in Italian).
  • Housing is provided by the company; the company also offers an opportunity to participate in Italian language courses.
  • Individuals are responsible for food, entertainment, and transportation costs (including flight).


Please complete and submit the following application.

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Lighting Design
Stage Management
Scene Shop
Costume Technician
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Basic Carpentry
Power Tools
Basic Lighting Installation / Hang & Focus
Reading Music
Basic Sewing / Costuming
Textural Painting
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I understand that I have completed this application to the best of my knowledge and I am fully aware that I am responsible for the cost of my food, entertainment and transportation including flight. I am also fully aware of the rules and consequences concerning my conduct and deadline requirements outlined on the La Musica Lirica website.

I accept the Terms and Conditions.



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