About La Musica Lirica

La Musica Lirica is a five week training program structured for performance artists looking to gain hands-on training and experience, immersed in its environment, as a way to help bridge the gap between college and career. Founded in 1999, this music festival now produces three operas each season with over sixty performers.

The program is geared toward advanced singers that are ready to begin or have already started a professional career as an opera singer. Rehearsals are run on a professional level. Each participant receives up to 15 hours of Italian per week, two half-hour weekly coachings with Rossini Opera Festival Coaches, two forty-five minute voice lessons per week, two to four recitative classes with maestri, and guest artist and faculty masterclasses during the 5th week. The operas are all double cast. Those participants cast in roles perform two of the four fully stage performances with Città di Ravenna, a symphony orchestra from Ravenna, Italy.


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