Jeffrey Price teaches piano at the University of Utah, where he is also the coach for the Lyric Opera Ensemble. During a versatile and multifaceted career, he has been extremely active as a coach, accompanist, soloist, chamber musician, musical director (for opera, musical theater, and dance), and composer.

For over ten years, he has been a co-director of the Contemporary Music Consortium, which presents concerts of new music in Salt Lake. He has composed chamber and orchestral music, piano pieces and songs, including several works for stage in a variety of idioms.

This summer will mark his third year with La Musica Lirica. He studied music at the University of Utah, including piano under Gladys Gladstone Rosenberg and Lowell Farr, composition under Vladimir Ussachevsky, Ramiro Cortes, and Bruce Reich, and conducting under Jason Klein.

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